Lavender Oil To Stimulate and Sustain Hair Growth

Wondering why Lavender Oil is such a key ingredient in our Stimulating Hair Growth Oil? What exactly it can do for your hair? Here are three quick ways Lavender Oil has been proven to effortlessly support the health of your hair. We guarantee you'll be falling in love with Lavender as much as we have by the end of this read.


Lavender oil contains linalool and linalyl acetate that have long been known to calm irritated skin and treat dandruff. What better ingredient to soothe inflammation and ease pain from regularly styling and brushing.

Promoting Hair Growth

Lavender oil has been noted for not only promoting hair growth but also encouraging thickening by reducing hair loss. It what we like to call a 'triple- threat' ingredient when it comes to hair growth.

Promote Shine

With essential everyday styling leading to stubborn frizz, Lavender essential oil is fantastic at conditioning the hair and promoting shine so you don't have to compromise on style for health.

It's worth remembering, whilst Lavender Oil is potent in all three ways, it is most effective when complimented by the other powerful and functional ingredients found in our Stimulating Hair Growth Oil. With no more than 3 drops needed at a time, you can use it as an overnight mask or directly on dry hair. Leaving your hair nourished and heavenly moisturised. Shop here.


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